We have created an exclusive package of three must-have courses designed to provide you with the essential application tools to elevate your clinical practice with Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy.
The courses are designed to train practitioners in the use of tools to model children's behaviors and cognitive strategies through cognitive and behavioral interventions.






The package is made up of several lessons that analyze:

  1. Play therapy puppets are a tool widely used by figures who work with children, such as therapists, psychologists, teachers and nurses, as they are accessible and responsive to the needs and capacities of their cognitive and emotional development. The training aims to train sector professionals to use puppets as a tool to model children's behaviors and cognitive strategies through cognitive and behavioral interventions.
  2. It is essential for professionals in the sector to know how to use a variety of techniques and tools to facilitate the communication and expression of the child. Art and play therapy: The expressive arts involve the use of artistic tools and materials, such as drawing, collage, painting, sculpture, modeling of clay and plasticine which represent alternative and non-threatening means of expression compared to openly talking about emotions, thoughts and personal events.
  3. Therapeutic Storytelling training offers the integrated use of narrative activity, play and cognitive and behavioral interventions that are evolutionarily adequate in order to transmit to the professionals of the sector a vehicle to face the problems of the child in a non-threatening way, providing him with the opportunity to develop more adaptive coping skills and restore a sense of mastery of the world. Storytelling comes naturally to many children and is an effective way to communicate what they think and feel. It opens a door for planning events and provides them with hope for the future and is designed to help children explore a wide range of life's thoughts, emotions and problems.

Maximize your learning:

  • Three complementary courses for an in-depth understanding of cognitive-behavioral play therapy practice

Advanced Application Tools:

  • Learn the tools and methodologies of cognitive-behavioral play therapy

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Your Instructor

Maria Geraci

Maria A. Geraci specializes in CBT psychotherapy with a case of Childhood Depression treated with Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy at the Humanitas School of Specialization in Rome (LUMSA University). She has a University Specialization in Psychological Evaluation at Sapienza University of Rome and a Master in Play Therapy at the International Academy for Play Therapy in Lugano.

For 10 years she has been dealing with developmental psychotherapy using CBPT in paths aimed at the emotional regulation of children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

She is an adjunct professor at the LUMSA University, Coordinator and teacher of the Humanitas School of Psychotherapy and a teacher in several schools of CBT psychotherapy where she teaches specific modules on Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy.

She is the author of several publications, national and international articles on issues relating to Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Coping, the emotional resources of children with learning disabilities and the promotion of resilience.

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